Rebecca Black My MomentInternet meme Rebecca Black is back and surprisingly, her follow-up to fail sensation “Friday” is not that bad. Her new video “My Moment” launched Monday evening, and it looks and feels a bit like videos from other teen starlets like Selena Gomez.

Black’s first video “Friday” amassed a staggering 167 million views on YouTube before the video was taken down from the Internet briefly about a month ago. Her fame and ridicule were powered by social media, with Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms helping create one of the most-watched YouTube videos ever.

When it comes to “My Moment,” YouTube viewers do not seem to be in a forgiving mood and have already given the video more than 65,000 dislikes vs. 38,000 likes at the time this article was published. No doubt both of those counts will rise quickly as the song tears across the Internet.

Like most YouTube videos, many of the user comments are profane and over-the-top. A sampling of some of the more civil comments gives insight to what some users are saying:

Disliked the video:

“Her ‘moment’ will not actually last long.” — datawraith3080.

“Sweet girl. Bad voice.” — Janefrigginlee

Liked the video:

“With this song, I bite my tongue. I couldn’t just stop laughing with her song “Friday.” It was completely ridiculous, but this song is SO MUCH BETTER.” — Monikita0193

“To be courteous, I will say that this song is much better than Friday. Honestly, that song was so annoying that I had mistaken it for a troll.” — TheEmcronin

To be clear, “Friday” sounded like a pop song made in a factory, and the accompanying music video looked like a distillation of other popular videos, even including a pointlessly perplexing verse from an unknown rapper. Even though “Friday” made its fame on being “the worst pop song ever” (an overstatement but not by much), it had strong sales on iTunes, and the high video count suggested quite a few repeat viewings. Perhaps the song had more fans than the Internet would suggest.

Black recently appeared in the popular video for singer Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night.” Black’s next move will be to release a 5-song EP in August, with “My Moment” as the lead single.

The full video for “My Moment” can be found below. What do you think?