Our resident fighting-game guru Chris Hoadley expertly provides character predictions, so hopefully he'll help me make sense of what the hell is going on in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 beyond the loud noises and flashing colors.

Video Blips:

• Ghost Rider's war cry in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is "hell hath no fury like a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle." Until he gets repeatedly trampled by a pack of what looks like robotic woodland creatures. Strider Hiryu up to his shenanigans again!

Continue after the break for a nostalgic return to the Lylat system in Star Fox 64 3D, Cave Story 3D's awesome weaponry, and a rundown of the warring factions in End of Nations.


• Ready for more barrel rolls? Star Fox 64 3D supplies polished visuals, gyroscopic controls, and new multiplayer features. I'll never pass up another opportunity to "accidentally" shoot Slippy's whiny ass out of the sky.

• Cave Story 3D's massive subterranean areas double as a testing ground for your missiles, bullets, and projectiles. Amnesia grips the game's protagonist like an iron glove, so follow his example and forget about liability when blowing up tiny cave creatures.

• Side with the stealthy Shadow Revolution or the mighty Liberation Front in End of Nations. Or just pick one at random. Both sides have enough mobile hardware to ruin even the fanciest parking lot.