Primadesk photo managmentThis article is part of a series of posts about DEMO alumni and news of their progress. Primadesk launched at Demo in Spring 2011. Check out more at DEMO.

You have photos on Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, and now Google+. Personal content manager Primadesk ends this photo-diaspora by aggregating all your pictures in one dashboard.

Primadesk’s original claim is to bring calm to the chaos of managing all types of personal content on the internet. The service provides a web-based dashboard on your PC and mobile devices, where you can access and interact with e-mail, social networks, cloud storage, instant messaging and more. Now, photo management has a dedicated position in the dashboard. The combination creates a service that could really harness the cloud beast and prevent loss of content.

“Content is getting distributed all over the place and people can easily lose their content in three years,” said founder and chief executive Srinivasa (Venky) Venkataraman in an interview with VentureBeat.

The service uses a drag and drop action to upload, download, share, back-up and search photos regardless of where they live on the Web.  This means you can transfer Facebook photos to Shutterfly, upload a Google+ photo to Flickr, and other various combinations in Primadesk’s interface.

To add to simplicity, only one username and password is required to access Primadesk. When you set up your account, you can either provide Primadesk login credentials for different websites or use OAuth, where Google provides an access token to Primadesk for each website you want it to connect to.

When asked about the inspiration behind creating the photo management service, Venky revealed concern for hisPrimadesk e-mail photo daughter.

“Right now, access to your content is relationship based,” he explained. “My daughter, she’s a teenager, they take pictures and they all post on their website. Fast forward five years from now, they’ll be in college, have new friends, they’ll lose content.”

The idea is that people are unfriend each other, links to photos break, photo storage sites shut down — but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are no longer interested in your favorite photos. Accessing them in a simple interface may promote people to take action and back up their photos, move them to sites they frequent and keep a better watch on their content.

Primadesk will release a dedicated mobile app for iOS devices in the next three weeks, with an Android app soon following. The company launched at the Spring 2011 DEMO conference and has received $900,000 in funding from Citrix and angel investors. Currently, Primadesk has 10 employees and is based in Novato, CA.

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