Google+ is great for individuals, but so far Google hasn’t provided any way for companies, websites or publications to play on the fast-growing social network. In fact, some have already been booted off for not being human enough.

VentureBeat, however, doesn’t want to lose any opportunities to +1 you. That’s why we’ve provided you a list of Google+ pages for all of our writers (see below).

Reasons to follow us:

  1. You want to be in our Circles. Writer Matt Lynley has one for “epic beards.”
  2. Hanging out with us is fun — just ask anyone at this year’s MobileBeat.
  3. Our posts are insightful and educational. Like this one.
  4. You don’t want to miss out on candid office photos like this:

Writer Meghan

So, follow us, enjoy VentureBeat and get ready for some plus ones. We’ll start with our most active early Google+ adopters:

And here’s the rest of our core edit team: