LearnVest, the financial planning site aimed at women, is launching some major new free and premium features today that will make it an even more indispensable tool for taking charge of your finances.

The company will now offer free access to the LearnVest My Money Center, which lets you link all of your financial accounts and track your spending with an email-like folder system, as well as the Take Control Bootcamp, a 10-day action-oriented email program designed to help you get a handle on your finances.

LearnVest is also launching new premium memberships as 1-day ($4.99), 3-month ($39.99), and 1-year ($129.99) offerings. The plans will give members of the site access to LearnVest’s Advice Center, as well as unlimited access to the company’s team of financial planners. Members can ask specific questions to the planners through the “Ask an Expert” feature. Through the Advice Center, members can also view LearnVest Courses, which offer on-demand lessons that reflect topics traditional financial planners normally bring up.

“Financial planning should not be a luxury,” Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest founder and CEO said in a press release this morning. “LearnVest is here to make financial planning more accessible to millions of Americans and these new personalized financial tools will help us achieve that.”

Von Tobel told me that the site is specifically targeting women because it’s much more useful to target a specific group instead of casting a wide net like competing services such as Mint. Von Tobel said that most women she’s talked to have trouble figuring out where to begin with their financial planning — LearnVest simplifies that process by offering specific plans for women from all walks of life, from recent grads to career women.  But even though the site targets women, there’s nothing stopping men from taking advantage of its tools.

LearnVest has helped over 1 million women since it launched in December 2009 and has had over 110,000 users go through its Boot Camp since last year von Tobel said. The company expects to serve over 400,000 users a day by the end of the year.

The company performed an exhaustive survey of over 5,000 women on their financial attitudes and also went even deeper into a group of 1,300 to fully understand their financial needs and habits. Doing so gave the company the insight to offer tips and lessons that most women would actually use.

Based in New York City, LearnVest recently scored a hefty second round of $19 million led by Accel Capital. The company also landed $4.5 million last year, which paired Von Tobel up with one of the few female VCs around, Accel partner Theresia Gouw Ranzetta.

If you’d like to try out LearnVest’s premium service free for a day, you can use the code venturebeat2011 when you sign up.