Rage developer id Software knows that a shooter's worth stems from the variability of its enemies. I, on the other hand, adopt the mantra of, "Shoot anything paler or darker than me."

Video Blips:

• The desolate wastelands of Rage hosts scores of bandit clans, mutants, and other foes clamoring for your gentle high caliber caress. One day, the twangy riffs of a country guitar won't be constantly associated with post-apocalyptic gunslingers. Today isn't it.

Continue after the break for the seafaring struggles of Oil Rush, Resistance 3's rallying call for more fighters, and a glimpse of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One's grandiose weaponry.


• Factories, shipyards, and oil rigs are the precious jewels of war in the flooded world of Oil Rush. In a nutshell: Imagine outfitting a Royal Caribbean cruiser with miniguns instead of mini-bars. 

• Take the insurgency against the Chimera global in Resistance 3's Global Resistance metagame. Oh, I'm just trembling with excitement over seeing my Facebook inbox bloat with messages like, "Your friend just blew the head off a Spinner!"

• Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One's arsenal of over-the-top guns does flamboyant fragging right. They also apparently derive their naming style from progressive songs (Darkstar Fission Tether) and metal bands (Thundersmack).

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