Are you an analyst who knows everything about cloud technology and how it’s disrupting the enterprise?

If so, VentureBeat wants to hire you!

We’re looking for a smart contractor to help us develop the content agenda and recruit speakers for our next event, which will be centered around the cloud. It asks the question: “What architecture does a modern enterprise need in order to succeed?”

The event is timed for the end of this year and will feature expert speakers and an executive-level audience. Immerse yourself in one of the most exciting issues of the day: How the cloud is disrupting the way enterprise applications are delivered — potentially a $1 trillion market disruption in our view.

Please contact Alicia Saribalis, President and Publisher of VentureBeat, for further information.

VentureBeat is obsessed with covering amazing technology and why it matters in our lives. From the most innovative companies and the incredible people behind them to the money fueling it all, VentureBeat is devoted to exhaustive coverage of the technology revolution. Our executive events are a part of that mission to define innovation.

We provide a fun, energetic startup environment in downtown San Francisco, along with panoramic views from the 32nd floor of our 50 California Street offices.