Ygoogle_plus_open_networkou’ll soon have a simple new way to invite friends to Google+, Google engineer Balaji Srinivasan announced today on the service. You’ll be able to send out a link.

“We’ve heard that you want to invite your friends, but sometimes you don’t know their email addresses… or sometimes it’s not easy to find it,” he wrote.

The new links feature, which will be rolled out over the next few days, will appear as another option in the “invite friends” section in Google+. You’ll be able to email the link, IM it to friends, or pass it around however you see fit. Since Google+ is still in field testing though, Srinivasan says you’ll only be able to invite 150 people through the links for now.

Invite links aren’t a major new feature for Google+, but they will certainly help the fledgling social network attract even more users. Google announced two weeks after the launch of Google+ that it had reached 10 million registered users, and just yesterday ComScore announced that the service is now clocking in at 25 million unique visitors. (The latter doesn’t meant that Google+ has 25 million users, though it is a sign that it’s likely well past 10 million users now.)