T-Mobile USA released its second quarter earnings today, and there was little good news to be found in the results. The company said it lost 50,000 net subscribers and its revenues dropped slightly from $5.2 billion last quarter to $5.1 billion this quarter.

Even with its aggressive 4G HSPA+ rollout, T-Mobile has struggled to make itself stand out next to offerings from rival U.S. carriers, which often have the most popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone. AT&T’s plan to acquire the company may also be keeping customers away that want to see where the deal goes first.

On the upside, the 50,000 customer loss is at least better than Q1 from this year, when the company lost 99,000 customers, or Q2 of 2010, when the company lost 93,000 subscribers.

“The United States remains a difficult market for Deutsche Telekom, but we see improvements compared to the first quarter of 2011,” said René Obermann, CEO of T-Mobile USA owner Deutsche Telekom, in a statement. “T-Mobile USA will continue its strategy with the extended HSPA+ 42 coverage and continued data growth.”

Another small bright spot on the not-so-great earnings report comes in increased data revenue per user of $13.60, up by $2 from the same quarter last year. In line with that data, T-Mobile said around 10 million customers were using 3G or 4G smartphones, which is up 50% from Q2 2010.

What do you think of the state of T-Mobile? Do you think it will win approval to be acquired by AT&T?