Even though Acer’s founder doesn’t think much of tablets or ultrabooks (super thin and portable laptops), that’s not stopping the company from taking a stab at making those devices.

Today we caught our first glimpse of Acer’s upcoming Aspire 3951 ultrabook, thanks to the Vietnamese gadget site Sohoa. Not surprisingly, it looks pretty much the same as Apple’s MacBook Air.

I suspect that many computer manufacturers will follow Apple’s lead when it comes to ultrabooks, as the company has already dealt with designing several generations of its ultraportable Air. Now the goal for competitors will be to create an Air-like design while coming in cheaper than Apple’s model.

Like the Air, the Aspire ultrabook features a 13.3-inch screen and a Sandy Bridge Intel Core processor and offers over six hours of battery life. It looks like Acer may be making a solid-state drive (SSD) optional, which will help to lower initial costs but will also make the SSD-less Aspire much slower than the Air. The Aspire ultrabook will also sport Bluetooth 4.0 (does anyone care about this?) and will be able to wake up from sleep mode in less than two seconds.

According to Sohoa, the Aspire 3951 should cost somewhere between $770 and $960 when it launches in Asia this October.

Via Engadget