When Dead Space 2 was released, there's was a bit of talk wondering if it can or can not be classified as "survival horror".  The net effect is that since it presents the player with many options and encourages them to aggressively engage and defeat the enemy that survival horror is an incorrect classification for this game.  

True survival horror must constrain the player in a seemingly inescapable environment, isolate them, and give them no or only very limited tools to which they may engage their undead pursuers (or other such enemies).  

After thinking about the above, I realized that I've just described the original Pac-Man.

Trapped in a maze, pursued by ghosts and only given very limited opportunities to engage his enemies (with the help of cherries).  Pac-Man must be considered one of the original survival horror protagonists.  

The real question now is, when can we get an unlockable Pac-Man character for mercenaries mode?