Borderland 2's rural backwater planet of Pandora sure has some funky water. Explains all the hulking slabs of man-meat running around.

Video Blips:

• The Gunzerker doubles the punishment wrought on his enemies with dual-wielding fervor in Borderlands 2. Or maybe it's the intimidating presence of his beastly facial hair. 

Continue after the break for Commander Shepard's squad in action in Mass Effect 3, a 64-player Battlefield 3 match in full swing, and a snippet of Devil May Cry's combo-tastic combat.


• When not getting burned on the dance floor, Commander Shepard's favorite hobby is running a well-oiled squad in Mass Effect 3. Which apparently involves having everyone else do all the work. Damn you, supervisory roles!

• The Caspian Border fills with thick smoke, whizzing bullets, and the sonic booms of jets as 64 players clash together in Battlefield 3. I heard a strange clacking noise after watching this trailer, but it was just my jaw unhinging itself and clattering to the floor. No big deal.

• Devil May Cry protagonist Dante lands enough hits beyond the scope of overkill. In fact, this probably edges into "juggling a long-dead corpse" territory.