Heather Kelly, VentureBeat senior editorVentureBeat has added to our editorial team yet again with the hire of tech journalist Heather Kelly. We are very excited to have her on board.

Heather was formerly a senior associate editor at Macworld, where she wrote and edited news, features and multimedia stories. Before that she was a contributor to Gridskipper and Tippit, and worked at Best Life and Men’s Health magazines. You can find her on Twitter at @kelly_heather.

She’s a multitalented writer and editor who will help round out our feature stories and how-to coverage, while working with the rest of the staff to ensure that all of our articles are as excellent as they can be.

Heather will join a team of skilled, dedicated and experienced journalists here, which now numbers 10 full time editorial staffers, plus part-timers and freelancers.

VentureBeat has made a big bet on the value of excellent journalism at internet speed, and that is already starting to show in our coverage. Together, this team is the editorial engine that will lift VentureBeat to its next stage. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: RC Rivera