At VentureBeat, our humble newsroom is known around the office as the Writers’ Lounge.

In this den of cynicism, we rant, opine, pronounce judgments, challenge one another to duels “to the pain” and eventually decide what stories will make it to the VentureBeat homepage.

Today, we’re offering you a peek inside our gatekeeping process with this short, candid clip from the Writers’ Lounge.

One of the bigger stories from today is HP’s execution of its WebOS hardware division. This move had our own Matt Lynley particularly heartbroken, so we gathered in the Lounge to console him and help him channel that grief into pageviews.

After swinging between bitter remonstrations (about the “weird blonde” in Palm’s launch campaign, pictured above) and tender reminiscences (about the beautiful user experience and vision of the company itself), we landed on patents, the perfect angle for continuing coverage of the story. Were there any story angles you’d like us to cover?