Social analytics firm Claritics said today it has launched a new analytics platform for games and apps on Android mobile devices.

Back in May, Claritics raised a $1.5 million round as it talked about helping social game and app developers analyze their data and reap more money from their efforts. Now the company is extending that effort to mobile apps on Google’s mobile operating system.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Claritics calls its work “social intelligence.” Claritics has been testing its cloud-based analytics with partners that range from game companies to utilities and media companies. It’s all about getting enough data and organizing it so that it becomes “actionable.”

The company’s vision is to leverage the immediacy of the social web and its rich profile and behavioral data and to create automated processes around it. That allows developers to optimize their reach, retain users, and launch revenue campaigns on the fly. The real-time data become useful not just for looking back but for predicting the future.

The new mobile platform is self-service and allows developers to figure out in real-time what is working well — or not so well — in their mobile games. Claritics lets users segment their data based on device type, carrier, campaigns, location and other factors. Claritics says it has made its sign-up process and instrumentation more intuitive to dramatically reduce the time it takes to get the analytics up and running. App makers can use the service to evaluate user engagement and the behavior of those who buy things in games. Other services provide rudimentary analysis of user behavior, while Claritics’ service is more granular, said Raj Pai, chief executive of Claritics.

“We’re bringing an enterprise-level, ‘big data’ analytics mentality to app developers on social and mobile platforms,” Pai said.

Rivals include Kontagent, Apsalar and Flurry. Previously, Claritics said its platform has been in private beta testing with more than 100 potential customers. The company was founded in 2010 and has around 10 to 15 employees. Investors include Cervin Ventures and Tie Angels.