deus exGameStop has removed all PC copies of the Deus Ex Human Revolution game from its stores after the company was caught opening new copies and removing a coupon from cloud gaming service OnLive, according to an Ars Technica report.

GameStop did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Yesterday, it was revealed the company sent a memo to employees telling them to remove a coupon that gave customers a free copy of the game that can be played on OnLive. Customers, naturally, were upset that the company was taking out a free, valuable extra from the game.

GameStop is in the process of testing its own game streaming service, which will act as a competitor to OnLive when it launches. The company still makes most of its money from buying and selling physical games, so it is trying to expand its offerings in a market where customers can play streaming games from services like OnLive and Gaikai or opt for digital distribution from Steam.

OnLive, on the other hand, is in a forward-looking position and streams games to PCs. It has deals in place to offer versions of upcoming titles like Space Marine, Saints Row: The Third, and Batman: Arkham City. The company will soon run those same big-name titles on tablets like the iPad and Google Android devices.

Are you upset about GameStop’s decisions?