I like to play the hero. When given a choice, my characters follow the righteous path. Would I steal money others? Perish the thought! Would I start unprovoked attacks on the townsfolk? Heavens no!

I had my fun playing the goody two-shoes. As time passed, however, that trend came to a halt. When Deus Ex was released, I began my descent into the darkness.

It began as a suggestion. After my friend had finished Deus Ex, he recommended I try it. I trusted his opinion and gave the game a shot. My pitiful PC could barely run the thing, but I tolerated the low settings.

As I played through, the game's open-ended design captivated me. Pillars could be used as cover to sneak around. In another instance, those same pillars could provide protection from incoming fire. Going through a locked door may be easy as hacking a terminal or stealing a sleeping guard's key. Deus Ex gave me the opportunity to customize my character and how to use the environment to my liking.

When I arrived in the main city, the world was my playground. I ran around exploring every nook and cranny. As time passed, my wallet went empty. I kept spending cash on ammunition and health recovery items. Without any alternative, I decided to hack into an atm machine. In my mind, stealing without all the physical force wasn't so bad. I thought I would do this sparingly, but I used up money like candy.

Once all the atm machines were exhausted, I turned to more devious methods of gaining money. I started to shoot up all the drug addicts and looted their stuff. I figured that I would be putting them out of their misery. Plus, their money would be better spent. After a while, I did not limit myself to the occasional drug addict. I went after people that were swearing at me. I went after the people that betrayed me. I shot and killed anyone I did not like.


When the game led me out of the country, I discovered new and interesting ways to kill people. I threw land mines in crowded areas. I hacked people with my awesome sword. I discovered mods to the game which allowed the burning of corpses.

After I completed Deus Ex, I turned JC Denton into a homicidal maniac. I annihilated anyone that stood in my way: the guy who looked at me funny, the drug addict who talked too much, countless security soldiers, even the person who walked in front of me. I did not care for the hero's path, but instead, I followed the anti-hero's path.

When I took a step back and looked at my work, I had one thought, "It felt so good to be bad."