Not every company can afford to build a whole new version of their website just for mobile devices. MobileSpringer, a newly launched tool from the interactive agency 3Prime, offers an easier way to get small business websites ready for mobile visitors.

Instead of making a new mobile site, MobileSpringer creates a pop-up on mobile devices, dubbed a “springer”, that offers visitors access to key sections of your site, like a phone number or directions to your location. Springers are easy to implement — they take up just one line of code — and easy to change as customer needs shift.

“Mobile is without a doubt the next major frontier for mass consumers,” said Ryan Turner, MobileSpringer co-founder and 3Prime co-owner, in a statement last week. “MobileSpringer will allow small businesses to take a hyper-focused approach to delivering the information mobile consumers need instantly and in real-time to increase website conversions and demonstrate that your business caters to mobile users.”

The key benefit of MobileSpringer is that companies are able to take advantage of mobile visitors without actually redesigning their websites for mobile devices, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. Springers can be easily put together, implemented and changed as necessary.

Springers consist of action buttons which perform a variety of functions, like calling your business, finding directions or linking visitors to key portions of your site. MobileSpringer also offers analytics capabilities, so you can see exactly what functions your mobile visitors are using most.

Turner and Cornel Boudria, the other half of the MobileSpringer and 3Prime team, tell me that they’re working on various dashboard designs at the moment, which will make it easier for customers to manage their springers. The duo don’t have a business model in mind yet, but there seems to be plenty of potential with premium features. For example, they’re toying with the idea of letting users implement different springer designs at different points in time.

The pair had the idea for MobileSpringer some time ago, but they’ve only been working on the current implementation for about 10 weeks.”The timing is right. If we had waited another six months we could have had someone bigger come along and do something similar,” they told me.

MobileSpringer is only available in private beta at the moment, but you can request an invite if you’re interested.