I wonder if mankind can successfully exist in the future without suddenly unearthing an evil race of insectoids. It seems to happen quite frequently.

Video Blips:

• You'll need skills, teamwork, and lots of glowing armor pieces for victory in Firefall. Thankfully, science-fiction synergizes well with a color palette that looks like a clown sneezed on it.

Continue after the break for a throwback to space-sims of yore in SOL: Exodus, the glint of Moonshade's poisoned daggers in Crimson Alliance, and Jetpack Joyride's take on eliminating workday doldrums.


• SOL: Exodus clearly draws inspiration from classic space-sims such as Wing Commander and Star Wars: X-Wing. I hope I won't have to endure through an unnecessarily elaborate check-in sequence with my inevitably doomed squadmates.

• Assassins typically exercise restraint, but Crimson Alliance's Moonshade doesn't mind bragging about her awesome ninja skills. "You'll never see me coming" becomes slightly far-fetched with those brightly glowing daggers, but it's semantics at this point.

• It's another eight hours of boring office work for Barry Steakfries — until one punched-out wall later, it's time for a Jetpack Joyride. I'm glad corporations eschew security systems for cavernous warehouses filled with floating coins using their grant funds.

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