It’s the weekly video show so new it doesn’t have a name!

Welcome to the first installment of… whatever we end up calling it, our new weekly video clip where two members of the editorial staff do a rapid-fire fight to the death (or a rational discussion, depending on the tone of the room) over the tech topics of the week.

This week, we’ve got our fearless editor Dylan Tweney with writer Jolie O’Dell chatting about some of the posts that, while actually fascinating, may have slipped past your radar.

We chat about Facebook’s open-source software and hardware, a story O’Dell wrested from the bowels of Facebook itself and exposed on VentureBeat in two thrilling installments.

We also talked about a $25 computer that runs Quake. This bite-sized device is as tiny as it is inexpensive, and it could mean the world to underprivileged kids or people in developing areas.

Finally, we talked about the big rumor of the week: Apple television sets. Tweney learned that the devices might be coming to consumers sometime in 2012, but he agrees with our own Devindra Hardawar that Apple’s big(ger) screens may not be big enough to replace a typical living-room set.

Stay tuned for another action-packed rap session next week, when we will, with any luck, have thought of a kick-awesome title for this segment. Any ideas?