Tetris t-shirt

From its humble Russian roots to its hallowed position today as a gaming legend, Tetris showed everyone that slamming blocky shapes together and demolishing walls of colorful bricks weren't the sole domains of construction workers and toddlers alike.

Now, the Tetris Company wants to furnish your distinct lack of 1986 with 12 types of Tetris-themed loot for your tabletop game collection, lair walls, and even over that breathing chest of yours. Ready your spin button, crank up "Korobeiniki" till it wakes the neighbors, and have a look at a selection of the new products below.


Tetris Tumble

Tetris Tumble ($9.99): Let the cruel (or benevolent) hand of fate decide your next Tetromino in this dice and card game combo.

Epic Fail

T-shirts (14.99-$19): Because the world must know how easy it is to royally screw up with just one erroneous block spin.

Tetris Link

Tetris Link ($24.99): Much like Connect Four, Tetris Link has a player linking three or more pieces together while another tries to "block" him. Get it? Block? It's OK, I'll punch myself for that one.

Walls 360 Tetris decals

Walls 360 Tetris decals ($35 – $195 per set): These sets of seven colorful Tetris block stickers form the perfect palette for that wall-sized Picasso replica you've been planning. Female sticker operator not included.