iPhone 4 in iPhone 5 caseCases already available for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 suggest that it will feature a 4-inch screen, as well as a longer and thinner design than the iPhone 4, reports MacRumors.

The cases seem to validate plenty of rumors from the past few months, which generally pointed to the iPhone 5 sporting a larger 4-inch screen. And hopefully, this squashes a report from last week that hinted the iPhone 5’s screen may be closer to the existing iPhone’s 3.5-inch display.

Early last month, MacRumors commissioned several renderings of the iPhone 5 based on leaked design specifications. The site notes that the cases out on the market now, which are typically based on Apple-provided specifications, don’t quite line up with its past renderings. (Though it should be noted that nothing prevents companies from creating and selling case designs that don’t match up with Apple’s specs.)

MacRumors measured the cases and found that they’re meant for an iPhone 5 that’s longer and wider than it originally anticipated, at 4.7-inches by 2.6-inches. The cases also exhibit the long-rumored tapered design for the iPhone 5, which is thicker towards the top of the phone and gets slightly thinner at the bottom.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a slightly longer and wider iPhone, especially if it means the screen will be upgraded to 4 inches and thinner. I’ve seen many comments in our past iPhone 5 posts that worry about a 4-inch screen being too big, but I’ve handled many 4-inch smartphones (just look at Samsung’s devices) that don’t feel cumbersome.