Here’s a timeline of major events in the history of Yahoo.

January 1994: Jerry Yang and David Filo create Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web while studying at Stanford University.

April 1994: The search engine is renamed Yahoo.

March 1995: Yahoo is incorporated.

April 1996: Yahoo goes public, closing at $33 a share.

1997- 1999: string of acquisitions includes Four11, Viaweb, Yoyodyne Entertainment, Geocities and

January 2000: Yahoo stock hits all-time high of $475 (pre-split)

March 2001: Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle steps down.

April 2001: Terry Semel named as replacement CEO.

January 2001: Yahoo buys Hotjobs for $436 million.

December 2002: Yahoo buys Inktomi.

July 2003: Yahoo buys Overture.

March 2004: Yahoo launches its own search engine.

March 2005: Yahoo acquires Flickr photo-sharing service.

August 2005: Yahoo buys 40 percent of for $1 billion.

June 2007: Jerry Yang replaces Terry Semel as CEO.

February 2008: Microsoft makes $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo.

November 2008: Jerry Yang steps down as CEO.

January 2009: Carol Bartz joins Yahoo as CEO.

September 2011: Carol Bartz is fired.