Venture capitalist Jay Hoag has joined the board of directors at Electronic Arts. The appointment shows that EA sees a real value in keeping close ties to the venture capital community, particularly at a time when the game business is going through a big disruption with the arrival of digital gaming.

Hoag will sit on EA’s executive compensation and leadership committee, and his addition brings the board to 11 members. Hoag is a founding general partner at Technology Crossover Ventures, a tech investment firm with more than $7.7 billion in capital under management.

Hoag also sits on the boards of eHarmony, TechTarget, Zillow and Netflix. EA chief executive John Riccitiello said that Hoag was a valuable addition to EA’s board because of his insight into mass market consumer technologies. Hoag said he has followed EA closely and is watching the company focus on the transition to the digital distribution of games and services.