How do you feel about coffee in San Francisco? Love it? Hate it?

Well, Amen, a new company that broadcasts short Twitter-like messages with strong opinions, wants to help you let the world know about your opinion. The company launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 conference in San Francisco today. The company is entering a closed beta today.

Amen is a mobile application for “broadcasting a strong opinion.” Users input a place, thing or person and decide whether they think it’s “the best” or “the worst.” You can add a few lines of text after that, but most messages end up something like “This thing is the worst thing in the world.”

“When you feel like saying, ‘oh my god, this is the worst actor ever,’ you feel the urge to pull the app out,” Amen founder Felix Petersen said.

Each statement has a permanent link, and anyone can then vote up or vote down the statement by giving it an “Amen” or a “Hell No.” If you dislike a statement, you have to give another object that you think is “the best” or “the worst” in that category. For example, If you don’t think San Francisco coffee is the worst, you’ll have to tell the world which city has the worst coffee.

A list for each topic emerges over time and the top-voted comment shows up at the top of the list. So if users are talking about shoes, the best-rated and most popular shoe shows up at the top of the list. The application ends up like a question-and-answer service.

Amen was founded earlier this year in May and has raised $2 million. It is located in Berlin, Germany. The site has around 3,000 users that have made 30,000 statements and 80,000 votes.