Six out of 10 Americans will outlive their money, according to MyFinance, makers of a new product called Me&MyMoney that launched today at the DEMO Fall 2011 event in Silicon Valley.

Me&MyMoney helps individual households manage their money as a business would, essentially becoming the CEOs of their own financial lives.

Founder Mike Kozlak had a 30-year career in financial services prior to starting MyFinance in 2010. With Me&MyMoney, his goal is to help people live the life they want and still have money left over. According to Kozlak, many personal finance websites encourage people to improve their budgeting and bookkeeping skills, but most people want to be the CEO, rather than the CFO, of their own financial lives.

Financial planning tools designed for businesses constantly look at different views of the company’s future. Me&MyMoney adapts tools such as financial modeling, business intelligence and strategic planning for personal use.

Members can create four distinct views of their planned net worth over their lifetime. A member’s profile is a snapshot of people of a similar age, household income, tax filing status and household size. The trajectory view shows the member’s current financial status and a projection from that status into the future. Trajectory starts out at a very high level and becomes progressively more precise the more a member uses the site. The strategy view shows the potential impact of steps the member can take on that trajectory. The monitor view shows what the member is actually doing.

Competitors include retail financial services companies like banks and online tools including Mint, Quicken and LearnVest. While these tools focus more on monitoring how members are spending “Me&MyMoney is not another budgeting or accounting service,” says Kozlak. “It is all about the future of your money and the things an individual can do to impact that future. We don’t see that in other financial tools or websites.” Me&MyMoney will charge members a subscription fee.

MyFinance was founded in 2010, is based in Minneapolis, Minn., has 13 employees and is privately funded.

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