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The greentech industry is growing fast, and with that growth comes an increased need to attract talented job candidates. To competitively recruit the most talented members of the applicant pool, greentech business owners can implement the following hiring strategies:

1. Become an employer of choice:

Employers who create a company culture fully immersed in, and supportive of, a green lifestyle are better positioned to attract talent that is passionate about greentech. It goes beyond simply saying “we’re a solar company,” to saying “we’re a solar company that gives employees incentives to bike to work, partners with green vendors, and has eco-friendly headquarters.” This not only attracts talent that is committed to the industry, but also differentiates the company from other greentech companies recruiting talent. It shows applicants that the company is looking for someone dedicated to improving the world, because as a company, it is dedicated to improving the world.

2. Network at a high level:

Networking efforts that only include reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn will not enable businesses to reach their hiring goals. Companies that aim to be visible within the green movement will attract the right potential job applicants. To achieve this, companies may pursue a specific networking strategy that helps them fully engage with the industry and community. This not only includes attending events, like the Green Festival, which runs throughout the U.S., but also hosting green-themed events for members of the industry and community.

3. Be clear about expectations:

Companies that are successful in finding the right talent know what they are looking for in candidates, and also what candidates are looking for in them. The talent pool knows that greentech is a growing industry that offers a promising learning opportunity for less-experienced candidates. Companies that are open to working with candidates early in their career can use this opportunity to engender loyalty in employees from the start. This helps contribute to long-term employee retention and satisfaction.

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