Raptr, the social network for gamers, has reached more than a million daily active users and more than 10 million registered users to date, the company said. That shows the site is seeing continous healthy growth as it tries to become the social network of choice for hardcore game fans.

Raptr is a central hub for people to connect, share and discover content about the games they play. With your permission, Raptr links to your online gaming accounts — Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, Nintendo — and mobile accounts. Then it gathers data and helps you build a gamer profile that you can share with friends and use to find people who like the same games that you do.

It’s like Facebook for gamers, and it works across platforms. Raptr can share anonymized data in aggregate form with game publishers and game web sites so that they can get a much better feel for the demand for games in real time. Raptr recently added a social news feed for gamers so they can keep up with personalized game information and friend activity. In three months, users have followed more than 500,000 topics related to upcoming game launches. Overall, Raptr analyzes more than 23 million gaming sessions a month and a billion minutes of game play a month.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company was founded in 2007 and has raised $27 million in funding from investors Accel Partners, Founder’s Fund, DAG Ventures, and Tenaya Capital. That large funding amount has enabled Raptr to explore how to get lots of users without worrying so much about monetization. Dennis Fong, founder and chief executive of Raptr, said in past interviews that he wants to get the service right and accumulate users before introducing monetization. That tactic is very Zuckerberg-like, since Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg did the same thing to turn his company into the dominant social network. It’s no surprise that Facebook and Raptr share Accel as a common investor.