Dynamics, the DEMO-winning company that’s revolutionizing credit cards, has just purchased an eight-acre facility to house its engineering, adminitrative, research and manufacturing departments.

The facility is located in Pennsylvania in the Pittsburgh region, where the company is based, and includes around 100,000 square feet of “clean room” engineering and manufacturing space.

Dynamics CEO Jeff Mullen said in a release that the new property is a “world-class consumer electronics production facility” and will help bring more Dynamics cards to mass market.

“This facility gives Dynamics the capacity to scale to this demand and produce tens of millions of these next-generation payment cards per month — a capacity that rivals even the largest consumer electronics manufacturers,” Mullen said.

The company is currently moving its proprietary production machinery to the new facility. Dynamics stated it is also setting aside parts of the facility for credit card personalization; this means the distinctive Dynamics cards will be branded with the Visa, MasterCard and American Express marks for card issuers.

Dynamics raised a substantial $35 million round of funding earlier this summer and has been working with the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania (RIDC) to secure the new property.

The company launched its cards almost exactly one year ago at DEMO Fall 2010, where it won the People’s Choice award and $1 million in free advertising from IDG magazines like Computerworld, PC World, InfoWorld, and CIO Magazine.

Dynamics then proceeded to win best innovation in personal electronics at CES and scored a significant deal to manufacture Citi’s hybrid credit/rewards cards.