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Everybody needs to vent sometimes. Most of us occasionally need feedback from trained professionals, too.

If you need an inexpensive and insanely (pun intended) convenient option for therapy, look no further than PrettyPaddedRoom.

PPR is an online space for you to safely and securely vent your stresses, frustration, anxiety and depression, either into an online journal, face-to-face with a therapist over video chat, or both.

“There’s still a stigma attached to therapy, and I think people see it as intimidating or expensive,” founder and therapist Bea Arthur told VentureBeat. “But the fact remains that most people would love the chance to be listened to genuinely and objectively. So I wanted to transform traditional therapy into a more approachable and affordable experience.”

When you choose the online journaling method, a therapist will read your words and respond to you. These asynchronous “sessions” start at just $50 monthly for three sessions each month.

For face-to-face, real-time therapy, PPR offers private online sessions conducted over video chat; the rate is a low $100 per month for four 30-minute sessions each month and one journal consult. You can schedule these virtual meetings for any time that’s convenient for you, and they’ll take place wherever you’re most comfortable and have a reasonable WiFi connection.

There’s also a free option (journaling only with no therapist feedback) and a deluxe $150-per-month option that includes longer, 45-minute sessions and three monthly journal consultations.

Any way you slice it, that’s a lot of freakin’ therapy for the price.

The site is slightly skewed toward the female demographic and currently has an all-female staff. Arthur told us, “When I was working in domestic violence, we had an all-female staff and predominantly female clients. Women are natural caregivers, and we can be amazing at taking care of each other … I wanted to promote that with this project.”

During your sessions or in your journal, you can talk and get advice about relationships, family conflicts, your career, body issues, depression, trauma, self-esteem and a slew of other common concerns.

Currently, PPR is running its service with just five therapists on the team. However, it seems like the kind of model that could easily scale, allowing practicing therapists to supplement their real-world practices with virtual sessions in a wide range of locations and languages.

“I believe that every person at any given stage in their life needs help sorting through the millions of thoughts clogging their mind and zapping their energy,” Arthur concluded.

“Think of how much more effective each of us could be if we were able to process our thoughts and reactions better. If we could understand why we do the things we do and break our bad habits forever. Forget change — we could take over the world!”