YouTubeThat was fast. Only a day after automated video editing service Magisto announced it had received $5.5 million in second-round funding, YouTube has integrated the service into its offerings. YouTube took the opportunity to announce that it has removed the 15-minute limit from verified user videos and added a 2D-to-3D beta tool.

YouTube appears to be adding a lot of new free tools in the hopes that it will improve the general quality of clips on the service. Just a week after adding the ability to do basic video editing inside YouTube itself, the service is pushing for more through partnerships with Vlix, for adding effects and text, and Magisto for automating the video editing process altogether.

A YouTube-Magisto partnership makes good sense, as Magisto’s free service automates the video editing process for newbies. Users submit video clips and Magisto does the work of cutting a short video in an interesting fashion. Magisto scans the clips for noteworthy action and packages it with tricks like transitions and split-screens. Then users give the video a title and pick a soundtrack, and the video is ready to go. The option to use Magisto appears on YouTube’s “Create” page as well as during the video uploading process.

YouTube also upped the ante for what users can do with the service by letting verified users upload videos longer than 15 minutes and letting users convert 2D videos to 3D. To become a “verified user” you have to give your phone number to YouTube. To use the 3D beta feature, you have to do so at the end of the uploading process by selecting “Edit Info”, then “3D Video” on the clip you’ve uploaded.

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What do you think about YouTube’s new features? Have you tried Magisto’s editing yet?