Each week we bring you the most popular stories as well as the editors’ picks of some great stories you might have missed. Together, here’s a summary of what was going on in the tech industry this week.

And don’t miss our Kindle Fire coverage, which tells you everything you need to know about Amazon.com’s new $200 Android tablet (pictured right). It’s going to make a big splash when it comes out in November.

The week’s most popular stories

Facebook tracks what you do online, even when you’re logged out
I wrote this story about hacker/entrepreneur Nik Cubrilovic’s discovery that even after you’ve logged out of Facebook, its cookies still send personally identifiable information back to Facebook.com whenever you visit a site with a Facebook widget or button on it.

Google about to make Google Docs into a virtual hard drive

Google Docs is already a virtual hard drive for many people, but there are new signs that Google is about to rename it Google Drive and add the ability to sync with local drives.

iPhone 5’s killer feature: powerful Assistant voice control

Devindra Hardawar filed this story about voice control, probably based on Apple’s recent acquisition of voice command company Siri, coming to the next iPhone.

Roundup: 7 drastic changes to Facebook you will probably hate
Facebook announced a host of changes at its f8 conference a little over a week ago. Tom Cheredar summarizes the major changes that will likely drive users up the wall — until they get used to them.

Under pressure, Blizzard may see need to unveil Titan at Blizzcon
Matthew Lynley reports that Blizzard is likely to unveil details of its next MMORPG at Blizzcon in October.

Editor’s picks

Amazon has Palm in its shopping cart — will it click Buy? (exclusive)
Sources close to Amazon and Palm tell Devindra Hardawar that the former company has been in negotiations with HP to buy Palm, including webOS, as a possible alternative to Android.

Box.net founder Aaron Levie is poised on the edge of startup stardom
Matthew Lynley’s profile of Aaron Levie gives a detailed look at this energetic, dynamic, orange-shoe-wearing 26-year-old, and the highly successful enterprise company he’s built. Could he be the next Larry Ellison or Steve Jobs?

29 electric car makers ready to rule the streets
This roundup of electric cars, carts and motorcycles summarizes all the electric vehicles on or about to hit the market. By lead greentech reporter Matthew Lynley.

Facebook’s valuation sits at $82.25B based on private sales of stock
A few years ago Facebook was worth nearly nothing. Now it’s over $80 billion, as this surprising chart by Jolie O’Dell shows.

Mindbloom Life game teaches you how to live better
GamesBeat lead writer Dean Takahashi brings you the news on a game that’s not just meant for scoring points: It’s actually supposed to help you focus on the things that really matter to you in life.