Sony released a variety of new computer models today for the holiday season.

These models are the mainstay laptops that Sony is releasing to do battle with Apple’s MacBook Air and other popular models for the fall selling season, which happens to be the most popular season for computer purchases.

The new options include models in the Sony Vaio S series laptops, including a 13.3-inch version of the Vaio SA (pictured at right, on left), as well as a 15.5-inch Vaio SE  (pictured at right, on right) model. Those computers are aimed at people who like to watch movies on a laptop in full high-definition formats. The models are less than an inch thick and include Advanced Micro Devices Radeon hybrid graphics (which use chips that combine both processor and graphics on a single chip). Both of the laptops start at $999.

An option for the laptops include a sheet-style battery (shown in pictures at the right) that fits under the laptop. The Vaio SB comes in red, in addition to prior models that came in black, white, blue and pink. The SA, SB and SE models now feature the second-generation Intel Core i3 and Core i7.

Sony is also adding new pre-installed software to its Vaio F series (pictured at right) laptops and Vaio L series desktops. Those computers come with the latest Intel Core processors as well as the Sony Imagination Studio Multimedia Edition. That has a $200 value and includes Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, Sound Forge Audio Studio, and the Acid Music Studio.

Sony has also updated its Vaio E series and C series laptops with the latest Intel Core i5 and Core i7 microprocessors. Sony also has a Vaio Y model in black in addition to silver and pink. Starting Oct. 6, Sony Vaio customers can get a Music Unlimited basic plan free with a 180-day trial period for first-time subscribers.

The new products are available today on the Sony Store web site.