BackupifyCloud-based social media data backup service Backupify has released a new report on data loss via Google Apps services.

Backupify’s service creates a backup archive of all the information from a person’s various social media and web application accounts. The archive of information includes data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Apps accounts and others. Users can also download local copies of their data in addition to having it stored.

Backupify’s report, titled “Causes and Solutions for Google Apps Data Loss,” is intended to help advise IT professionals about data loss concerns when transitioning to the cloud, according to the company.

The report is derived from over a hundred data loss incidents reported on the Google Apps help forums. It shows that 63 percent of data loss incidents occurred due to user error (accidentally deleting something), eight percent were attributed to hacking and three percent were due to a third-party app that corrupted the data. Of all the incidents studied, all of them were beyond Google’s control five days after the data was cleared from the trash folder.

Check out the infographic displaying some of the data from the report embedded below.

Google Apps Data Loss Infographic