Today, Motorola unveiled the ET1, a 7-inch, rugged tablet created with the enterprise in mind.

The tablet was constructed to offer more security and sturdiness than a consumer tablet would need. It also features multi-user login options and enterprise applications for workforce and inventory management.

The 1.4-pound ET1 features a 7-inch touchscreen and front and rear cameras. It will will run the Android 2.3 operating system, Gingerbread, which has been optimized specifically for enterprise use. The tablet’s specs also include a 1GHz dual-core processor and 8GB of onboard storage capability, which can be expanded to 32GB with an microSD card.

The device’s Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen is around 30 percent thicker than most consumer displays, and it is recessed to provide extra shock protection. ET1s are also supposed to be able to handle liquid spills and temperature changes better than consumer tablets would.

Price-wise, the ET1 weighs in at just under $1000 per unit for bulk orders. Because the rather rugged-looking tablets are built to withstand daily workplace and warehouse use, units are expected to last between three to five years.

The ET1 is expected to be rolled out first to employees in warehouses and retail outlets. For stores, Motorola has equipped the tablets to help employees with product comparisons for customers and with locating inventory in a network of retail locations. The tablet will also allow employees to accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere, making it a sort of mobile cash register.

Here’s a demo video showing the ET1 in action: