There are three things that matter in Silicon Valley: the people, the technology and the money.

Foundation Capital general partners Charles Moldow and Ashmeet Sidana sat down with VentureBeat to talk about their role in bringing those three things together.

There is a reason why some investors are called “angels.” Venture money and the experienced investors behind it can rescue a startup from irrelevance. It provides an open door for a company to expand its idea, pump more resources into research and development, and hire the talent needed to keep the wheels turning.

Moldow and Sidana have done this for a number of companies and continue to look for more.

Of the kinds of companies Foundation Capital invests in Moldow says, “We’re looking for big market opportunities…deep technology.” In this interview, the duo also discuss VC competition in Silicon Valley — or as Moldow describes it, “coopatition,” a mix of cooperation and competition — and whether we are in a technology bubble.

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Foundation Capital has invested in companies such as video rental company Netflix, textbook rental company Chegg, virtual coupon distributor Ebates, and green technology company Silver Springs Networks, which recently filed for IPO.