Hipstamatic D-Series is the latest, wait-est mobile application from the makers of hit  photography app Hipstamatic.

The app’s big feature is the 24-shot chasm of uncertainty between snapping a pic and getting to see it.

That’s right, just like in the good ol’ days of film photography, you have to run through a “roll” of film before you get to see your shots.

Gone are the digital previews and the after-the-fact tweaking that made you feel like a decent amateur photographer. Now, you get one shot (as with the original Hipstamatic app) at taking a great picture, and you have to wait to see how you did.

It sounds stupid; however, our token office hipster tells us the kids will eat it up.

The app comes from digital photography app shop Synthetic, a small firm that also made pocket photo booth app IncrediBooth and digital darkroom Swankolab.

In a word, the company focuses on reviving the maddening, infuriatingly slow, hit-or-miss process of analog photography for iPhone users too young to have ever actually needed to develop film. And recreating the experience of shooting an entire roll of film is now part of its retro-meets-modern offering.

“It’s an opportunity to bring back the idea that you have this roll of film and you shoot with it, and you think about what you’re seeing in the moment, more so than snapping a photo and looking at it, deleting it or taking another one,” said Synthetic founder Lucas Buick to Pocket-lint.

The app is scheduled to be live in the iTunes App Store before the end of the month. Synthetic says 2012 will bring a few new products, as well, so stay tuned.

Image courtesy of johnwilliamsphd.