android-happyThe total number of Android devices activated worldwide has now reached 190 million, Google CEO Larry Page said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call today.

Additionally, the company announced a $2.5 billion mobile revenue run rate — Google’s expected mobile revenue over the next year based on its performance this quarter — up from $1 billion last year.

Google pointed to mobile search as its big mobile moneymaker. “Mobile is becoming a must-have,” Google sales head Nikesh Arora said during the call.

Even though Google doesn’t make any money when Android manufacturers use its software in their phones, the company is able to reap the advertising benefits of having hundreds of millions of users on its own platform.

Page said the company felt comfortable divulging a mobile revenue run rate because there is a confluence of many things growing in mobile. “We thought it was appropriate to round it [mobile revenue] up with a snapshot of where we stand,” he said.

The company said in July that it was activating 550,000 Android devices daily. At this point, I would imagine that number is closer to 600,000.

Page described Google’s third-quarter earnings as “gangbusters.” The company announced $9.7 billion in revenue and $2.7 billion in profit, well beyond Wall Street expectations.

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