google presentations Google is rolling out a suite of new changes to its Google Docs service, including 50 new features for Presentations, according to an official blog post today.

The company has its eye on collaboration features and has been including them in many of its latest products, including social network Google+. For Google+, it was the ability to share screens and docs in Hangout, the video chatting feature. Google Docs has always allowed users to edit simultaneously, see who is typing and where, chat in the built-in instant messenger, and check prior revisions.

Now, Google has turned its focus toward making Presentations more than a lackluster alternative to PowerPoint. The company tackled the aesthetic usability of Presentations with this latest slew of 50 updates, which include transitions for more entertaining movement between slides, animations, new themes, drawings for adding elements such as flow charts, and rich tables to add graphic elements to your data.

In order to try out the other 45 features Google is unveiling, go to your documents, select settings, click the Editing tab and check the “New Version of Google presentations” box. The changes are only compatible with more recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Ubuntu, so make sure you browser is updated before diving in.

Check out this beauty we made with the new Presentations:


Okay, that was just blatant self-promotion.

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