Review of a Skylander single add-on character: 

So I am waiting on my game to arrive by the USPS an hope it comes any day now. I have bought a few of the add-ons and will try to review one of them here. 

The character pack add-on I opened was Sonic Boom which is like a griffin type of creature. This is also the only air character so far to be released to date which can only be bought in an individual pack so far. 



As far as figures goes it has a plastic clear based so the data can transfer by IR sensors from the portal to the character. Also the figure is made of a sturdy hard plastic that does give enough room to move like the wings, but not much. The detail on the figure is nicely done I think which makes it over all appealing.

Other then taking it out of the package to use I do not see any other value playing with the character. So a case of some sort would be warranted in the long run if you will do these like Pokemon and collect them all. I can see parents being upset when there child loses one of these as this would get costly. Then again I can see a child getting upset if they lose one with saved data that took a good bit of time to complete.

Cost of figure: 7.99 
Bought: ToysRus 

As far as contents in the add-on pack it came with the following: 
– 1 figure 
– 1 stat card 
– set of stickers of the character 
– 1 code for PC browser game to add your Skylanders to play mini-games 
– 1 set of instructions to use the code 

Final decision: I decided to take the plunge and give this a go. If this doesn't work out and I get tired of the game I can pass it along to my daughter. If your one to pass on games after beating it I may say this may not be for you, but if your a parent and your son's or daughters who like Spyro may like this game. 

Side Note: Personally I like digital stuff, but I do like this concept of buying your add-ons from the store as well as the levels. It may be the collector in me, but I hope to enjoy this for many months to come.