First announced in 2009, this platformer from Disney Interactive Studios, starring none other than Mickey Mouse himself, was made out to show a darker and more mischievious Mickey similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. High hopes were on the line for a game that showed much more promise than previous Mickey Mouse games. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a game designed towards children anyways but still received fairly alright reviews (8 out of 10 from IGN). The combat in Epic Mickey is paint-based. Basically, paint is used to draw which can be used to turn bad guys good or thinner which just erases everything. The story of the game is that Mickey "accidentally" paints an evil Shadow Blot when trying to draw a self-portrait of himself (*sigh* artist these days) which makes its way to the "Wasteland" of forgotten cartoons that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit lives in. Eventually Mickey forgets about the Blot until one day he is abducted and dragged into the world by the Mad Doctor (Mad Hatter's brother maybe?) and the Blot which both want to steal Mickey's heart so they can live in the real world.

When I think about this game, I think of a very similar game that gamers have been enjoying for years. Yes of course I am talking about Mortal Kombat. I see Mortal Kombat as nothing more than an adult version of Epic Mickey (basically what Epic Mickey should have been). You have some crazy dude in some far-off forgotten realm with depressing hues and colors that wants nothing more than to kill everybody and take their hearts. Sounds pretty close to me! It's like the Little Hitler version of Mortal Kombat. Epic Mickey could learn a lot from Mortal Kombat. Just think, Mickey could erase the floor beneath his enemies and then draw some lava or spikes in the hole for the bad guy to fall into. Heck you could even steal that Blot dude's idea and start taking the hearts of enemies to regain health! Throw in unlockable characters like Oswald with his special lucky charm rainbow brush and you could have some amazing 1 vs 1 or even 2 vs 2 competitive multiplayer battles! Talk about an artgasm! Of course you would have to give this an M rating but it's worth it for those of us who want to relive childhood memories but not in a childish way. Wouldn't you want to see Mickey go for a fatality on Donald Ducky and hear him quack for help as you finish him? This is the truly epic Epic Mickey. I don't know about you but I can't wait for Epic Mickey Kombat to come out!