Popular web design and development community Forrst has just launched a new service for posting and finding jobs on the site.

The new job posting and job listings portions of the site allow employers and web pros find each another for full-time and freelance collaboration.

“I’ve hired three people (two full-time and one freelance) from Forrst myself,” said Forrst founder, Kyle Bragger, in an email exchange with VentureBeat earlier this week. “I believe in it that much.”

Employment (or rather, unemployment) has been a hot-button issue this fall, and the web sector certainly isn’t exempt. In fact, just this morning, Facebook announced it was partnering with the Department of Labor to help unemployed Americans get back to work using the social web.

Of course, there are tons of job-finding resources out there for web work already. But Bragger says Forrst’s service is different in a few ways. Foremost, employers should know that Forrst jobs are only visible to members, and getting a Forrst account currently requires members to have active GitHub accounts or invitations to join. In other words, posting a job here isn’t your average spec work cattle call.

“We can use our reputation engine to selectively display jobs, surface better talent, etc.,” Bragger said. “In that vein, jobs are visible only to Forrst users, so we always have some data on respondents, versus [a site] where anyone can come and apply.”

Bragger says Forrst’s jobs listings also feature “a different set of questions and fields we ask for when posting jobs … definitely more to fill out than just ‘Job Description,’ but I feel really strongly about being able to tell a compelling story with a job post and really pitch the vision.”

While any person or company can post a job listing, Bragger says, “We have an approval flow to make sure they’re quality listings that are going to be respectful of our users’ time and talents.”

But don’t get cutesy with your listing, employers; the cheeky founder said, “Also, I won’t approve anything with rockstar, ninja, guru, etc. in the post.”

Posting a job on Forrst will cost employers $159 for a 30-day listing. Responding to classifieds is free for members.

“What we are launching is just scratching the surface of the types of things I think we can do with the community and platform we’ve got,” Bragger said.

Here are some sample listings already up on the site:

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