We’ve steadily built GamesBeat into a respected and well-read section of VentureBeat over the past few years and are now going to add to that. We’re looking for talented writers who are passionate about the business and innovations in games, and we’re also looking for game reviewers and videographers. We’re looking for both external freelancers and a staff writer.

Our games coverage ranges from stories on game startups and fundings to stories about the innovations happening at the biggest game companies and the march of gamification into the larger economy. We’ll cover the whole spectrum of the game industry, including disruptive new business models and new technologies. We will create a separate site for GamesBeat and will run more game reviews and other news of interest for game players as well. We are starting out small and plan to grow the business into something cool.

Our Batman Arkham City review is an example of the kind of writing we are looking for.

If you’d like to apply, send a message to dean at venturebeat.com.