iPhone 4S Siri

Each week, we take a look at the best and most popular stories that appeared on VentureBeat over the previous seven days. This week, Siri led the headlines.

Most popular

It’s not surprising that three of this week’s most popular stories had to do with Apple, which released its iPhone 4S to an eager public on October 15. And while some were disappointed that it wasn’t the iPhone 5, the phone’s Siri virtual assistant has proved captivating and entertaining.

Cracked! Siri has been successfully ported to an iPhone 4
Ordinarily you need to buy an iPhone 4S to get Siri on your phone. But, as Meghan Kelly reported, some people have succeeded in getting the assistant to run on the older iPhone 4.

How SMS messaging is changing the world (Infographic)
Did you know that 3 out of 5 people on this planet use SMS text messaging? In this guest post by Greg Voaks, we publish an infographic about how people are using texting that will blow your mind.

iPhone 5 was Steve Jobs’ last big Apple project
Devindra Hardawar reports that the last big thing Apple cofounder Steve Jobs worked on before his death was the next iPhone.

Nvidia unveils its 3D Vision 2 glasses for 3D gaming

If you’re a gamer and you want truly immersive video games, you’ll be interested in Nvidia’s second-generation 3D glasses. Story by Dean Takahashi.

Apple’s Siri personal assistant will make your kids laugh

Dean’s not all business. One of his most popular stories this week was about how much fun his kids had with Siri during a recent car trip.

Editor’s picks

Here are some of the stories that we think you ought to read.

iPhone 4S review: There’s something about Siri
Devindra’s review of the iPhone 4S goes deep into the phone’s hardware, software, and of course its amazing virtual personal assistant, Siri.

Deals site BuyWithMe chokes on acquisitions, announces huge layoffs
New VentureBeat writer Chikodi Chima dove right into his job this week and dug up the ugly details on local coupon/deals site BuyWithMe’s layoffs.

Razr reborn: Motorola announces the 4G LTE Droid Razr
One of the most interesting-looking upcoming phones is Motorola’s mashup of its two most successful brands: the Droid and the Razr. Devindra Hardawar got photos, and it doesn’t look half bad.

From Napster to Spotify, Sean Parker is planning for “the next music industry”
Napster and Facebook advisor Sean Parker got famous after the movie The Social Network. Now Jolie O’Dell reports on how he’s trying to reinvent music through Spotify.

Occupy the Web: Hackers join worldwide protest
As people occupy Wall Street and urban financial zones around the country, some hackers are asking what they can do with code to help out the movement. Meghan Kelly reports from a daylong “Occupy the Web” hackathon, where the theme was “hacking for the 99 percent.”