RIM videoUpdate: Research in Motion requested Vimeo take down the videos due to copyright infringement. The parody is still hilarious, though.]

As if the Microsoft video detailing the future of technology wasn’t enough, Research in Motion may have accidentally released its own predictions.

Two videos were accidentally posted on a commissioned artist’s online portfolio and quickly taken down thereafter, according to Pocketnow.com, which fished the videos out of its cache. Whether the videos were actually ordered by Research in Motion has not been confirmed, though the first scene displays a banner with the Blackberry logo.

The videos show a connected future for RIM’s devices, with Blackberry devices that don’t exactly stretch the imagination in comparison to the Microsoft video. Some show interactive projections around the phone, others show an easier way to integrate personal smartphones into the corporate lifestyle.

If this is Research in Motion’s video, the company is thinking long term, including products for data protection, IT management, and more. Or maybe it’s just a pick-me-up for down RIM employees wondering if there is even a future for their company.

Check out the videos below, and a third parody from Sarcastic Gamer that we just couldn’t leave out.