Test tubeNew startup Proskore intends to measure a person’s professional worth by assessing the raw data listed on their resume along with their reputation in online communities.

Proskore determines a score of 1 to 100 for each person by considering a number of factors, such as work experience, online reputation, business contacts and social media activity. The startup has previously been described as a professional version of online influence measurement service Klout. But Proskore is less concerned with measuring your overall influence and more focused on helping you networking with others for business.


“Professional reputation isn’t the same thing as social influence,” said Proskore cofounder and chief executive Bill Jula. “But we do use a person’s social influence within several communities to help measure professional reputation. We go beyond what Klout is doing and have different goals.”

Someone with lots of work experience and contacts can sign up for Proskore and receive a relatively high score with minimal effort. However, that score will either stay flat or decline if it isn’t continually fed new information — either from reaching out to others using Proskore’s suite of promotional tools and/or using Proskore in conjunction with other social networks.

Currently, Proskore has integration with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — with Google+ integration and the ability to connect with Facebook fan/business/organization pages rolling out in the next few weeks, Jula said.

Klout-like ‘Perks’ feature for professionals coming soon

Jula also said the company is getting ready to launch its own version of Klout’s perks feature, which offers exclusive rewards to highly influential Klout users. Proskore’s version — called PROmos — won’t offer its users discounts on movie tickets or highly coveted beta invitations to streaming music services. Instead, PROmos will fit the service’s professional focus: High-scoring Proskore users might be invited to a three-month trial of unlimited Dropbox storage or a voucher to use American Airlines’ Admirals Club Lounge the next time they’re traveling across the country.

But aside from the PROmos, one of the biggest motivations for maintaining a high Proskore rating is to generate a greater number of leads for new business. Users can opt into a premium Proskore subscription to increase both the amount and frequency of those leads.

The $10-per-month premium subscription also gives users access to a suite of marketing and promotional tools, such as email marketing, press release creation/distribution and more. Right now, subscriptions are the company’s main source of revenue, but new features that haven’t yet rolled out on Proskore will provide additional ways to generate money, Jula said.

The Sarasota, Florida-based startup officially launched the service just over two weeks ago but has more than 100,000 registered members, although most of those members are from the company’s previous iteration, an online business network called Fast Pitch, according to Jula.

Proskore is currently self-funded, but could raise outside investment in the future. The company has a total of three employees, including Jula.

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