This sponsored message is brought to you by Johnston & Murphy.

Mass customization is a growing trend in e-commerce. Online jewelers are letting customers design their own jewelry, T-shirt retailers are letting customers create their own prints, and shoe makers like Johnston & Murphy, which runs an online customization offering — Johnston & Murphy’s Custom Select — are letting customers design their own shoes. Johnston & Murphy’s offering lets customers choose from nine styles, three colors (black, chestnut brown, and burgundy), and a wide selection of sizes and widths. It even lets you inscribe your name in the insoles.

Nike launched a shoe-customization offering in 2010 and saw it’s online sales increase by about 25%. Johnston & Murphy’s dress shoes are extremely high-end, retailing at $425, so it’s no surprise the company has added a high level of personalization to the process and that it ships a number of shoe-maintenance products along with the shoes. They have a Custom Select specialist contact customers to confirm their order once it’s placed.