Sonic Generations, outstanding or another mess? So Sonic fans (like myself) have been clinging onto Sonic from our childhood, hoping one day it will be good again. Sonic tries to be cool again by getting up to date with the youngsters like relating to emo culture by making Shadow the Hedgehog, or relating to confused young girls with a furry Sonic in Sonic unleashed.


I gave up after Sonic Unleashed because it was just so bad! Then I got Sonic Colours as a present and my love sonic came back, a bit, it wasn't a god-like game but it was fun, they figured out that people only like Sonic and staying in 2D most of the time is probably a good idea knowing how buggy the speedy hog gets (I'm humping a wall at the speed of sound).


Well lets not dwell on the past and remember the last 25 years of Sonic in Sonic Generations (Fun Fun Fun … oh …. OH GOD). So Sonic Generations is about this dark dude (ghost not racism) and it kidnaps everyone but Sonic so Sonic will have to save the day. But Sonic doesn't have to do this alone because he has Sonic to help, old sonic, when he was small, fat and fun.


So the two do all the best levels (all 9) of the Sonic series in 2D and 3D/2D because again Sonic can't cope with the pressure of 3D, I don't understand this, it's not like the 3D is bad, it's just that it has been buggy, the homing attack is fun attacking one enemy to the next, the Sonic Team should stop cowering behind 2D and fix the dam 3D! The game play was pretty solid with the often glitch which ruined the flow of speed.


The soundtrack was (jizz) alright, they make it so when you do challengers you randomly unlock a crappy artwork or a new song and in any stage you can chose what song you want to play so running around at the speed of sound while listening to Bowling for Soup is a very good feeling. I can also listen to the very best song in Sonic history, Escape from the City … what's this crap? They changed it to be all roboty, my soul brakes in half, ow.


Go back a bit, this game has 9 levels, so it is very quick, but the challenge mode extends it, I like most of the challenges but I have a problem with Sonics mates and not just because they talk in those painfully embarrassing cut scenes but they make the challengers slower and that's not what's sonic about!


There is also boss battles, they were fine until the last boss fight (spoiler alert) which I felt like I did nothing until knuckles shouted click L1 and R1 at the same time and I won, that enraged me in ways that I can't explain, gr.


Also this game is a way tad too much on the easy side but I guess that Sonic, wait that's no excuse! Make a hard difficulty or my girlfriend will think I'm as nooby as her. Overall, Sonic Generations is fun for nostalgia mainly, Sonic wouldn't be alive without it, I shouldn't be too harsh to this because as Sonic goes, this game is a positive step forwards. PS where were Knuckles raps "Rouge so sexy and smooth", I love him.