Soon, thanks to movie clip startup AnyClip, you’ll be able to relive any moment from popular Warner Bros. films.

AnyClip has signed a content licensing agreement with Warner Bros. that will give it access to the studio’s library of films, including such films as the Harry Potter franchise, 300, and Casablanca, the company announced today.

The company will tag each film with over 5,000 metadata elements to make it easy to find specific moments, characters, actors, objects, and the like. It now has over 50,000 clips on file from more than 5,000 films and already has licensing deals with Universal, Vivendi and independent distributors like Virgil Films.

AnyClip had the lofty goal of letting users find any moment from any film when it launched at the TechCrunch 50 conference in fall 2009, but the company initially had trouble forming licensing deals with studios. In early 2010, it launched a movie quote database without many clips on hand. Now, after some executive reshuffling — original co-founders Aaron Cohen and Nate Westheimer are out, replaced by former Libox CEO Oren Nauman — the company seems to be getting its footing.

In addition to giving consumers access to clips from movies they love, AnyClip also gives studios a way to earn money from clips shared around the web. The company competes directly with Movieclips, which managed to snag licensing deals before AnyClip.

AnyClip is also launching a revamped website today, which includes some additional monetization strategies. The company already directed consumers to purchase films online when viewing clips, but now it’s listing more store options, including Netflix and iTunes. The new site will also sport targeted advertising, the ability to purchase songs featured in clips, and other special features.