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Uh oh. Here comes another dragon. (Screenshot from Skyrim)Review: Skyrim is far greater than the sum of its parts
Sebastian Haley’s review of this dragon-slaying fantasy video game focuses on the game’s inordinate number of annoying glitches. (The review made me laugh out loud at several points, too.) But in the end, despite his carping, Sebastian couldn’t stop thinking about Skyrim and planning his next mission. It really does add up to a good game.

Salesforce debuts Do.com, a smart social productivity app for small teams
It’s still in invite-only beta, but Salesforce.com’s newest app is aimed at small groups of people who need to manage to-do lists and projects. Sean Ludwig reports on Do.com, which could be a breakout cloud service for small businesses.

Why CNN’s ‘Black in America’ misses the point on race in tech
Looking for something to watch this weekend? An upcoming CNN documentary, which airs Sunday night, November 13, has sparked a debate about the role of race in Silicon Valley. Chikodi Chima saw the show, and he thinks a lot of the debate is just missing the point. Bonus: Chikodi has asked several black entrepreneurs to contribute their views, which we’re publishing as part of VentureBeat’s series on diversity in tech.

“Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” is a must-watch, bittersweet glimpse at Jobs’ genius
Still looking for something to watch this weekend? An interview by Robert X. Cringely with the late Steve Jobs has recently resurfaced, and is now being shown in a few movie theaters around the country. Devindra Hardawar saw it, and gives it an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Evony gets a real lady in a toga for its online game ads. Is this progress?
Online strategy game Evony gained notoriety a few years ago for its ubiquitous, salacious web ads, which featured animated, buxom females inviting you to play. Now Evony has hired a flesh-and-blood model to embody one of its characters — somewhat more tastefully, Evony execs claim. But where’s the beefy dude in a toga? Dean Takahashi asks the hard questions.

Mindbloom’s new app is healthy living through mobile notifications
Smartphones don’t have to take you away from your loved ones and friends, isolating you in a small bubble of blue light emanating from your iPhone screen. Mindbloom is an app that sends you occasional messages, reminding you to focus on what is truly important to you. Meghan Kelly reports.

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deadmau5 spins the plattersCall of Duty Elite struggles with too many first day users
Activision Blizzard ran into problems as demand for its new game outstripped the ability of its servers to handle the massive number of registrations. Dean Takahashi reported the news, then delved deeper into COD Elite’s startup problems.

Why Dark Souls is the loneliest, most brutal game this year. And you’ll love it
This fantasy blockbuster is set in a bleak and dangerous world, where even the slightest mistake can send you to your death. Dan Crawley writes our review.

Tech darling deadmau5 livestreams first web concert tonight
Hoodie-wearing tech scenesters were thrilled to discover that DJ act deadmau5 would be live-streaming a concert. Jolie O’Dell brought us all the good news.

Modern Warfare 3’s disturbing scene involves child’s death

A cutscene in this new game includes a disturbing incident of terrorism that results in the death of a child. Read Dean Takahashi’s story only if you don’t mind story spoilers.

The mobile app is going the way of the CD-ROM: To the dustbin of history
The past few years have seen an explosion of apps for iOS, Android and other platforms. But now, Jolie O’Dell reports in this extensive feature story, some companies (like Mozilla and Yahoo) think that the future lies with purely HTML5-based web applications, and they’re building tools to make it happen.